It can't be overlooked that books and literature have had an enormous influence on this show. Themes, character names, phsyical placement of the books, even episode titles. So, two things...1) What if the season 6 premiere shares the title of a book...what would the title be?

2) What if this season ends with a boy named Aaron sitting in a library and all of the characters and plot lines are pulled from this kid's imagination from having read all of the various books referenced throughout the show. It's almost uncanny when you go through all of the literature references on this site. It's one thing to draw inspiration from a few books to come up with an idea for show but to go to such great lengths to include such a wide variety of similar plots and character names takes an enormous amount of effort. There almost has to be something more to it. Can you imagine, the end of the season panning out from the eye of some blonde teenager named Aaron at a library and Libby as a librarian checking out his book for him and then he walks to a car, gets in and turns to his Dad who is Richard.

LOL...totally don't believe this will happen by the way but it's funny how much crazy chit you can come up with when all you want is January 2010 to get here.

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