This is a pretty random post that I haven't put a lot of thought into but I was rewatching season 5 episodes yesterday and I caught something in the episode where Danielle and the other Frenchies arrive on the island. I noticed that one of the the french guys put an instrument case into his back pack when they got off their raft and stepped foot on the island. At first I thought it was a guitar but then I realized it seemed too small. They showed the case again later being carried in the guy's backpack right before they realized the smoke monster took Nadine. Then later in the episode, when they showed Jin walking on the beach towards Danielle (right before she kills her husband) they showed the case lying on the beach and it was open with a violin sitting inside it.

Does any one think there could be any sort of correlation between the violin case and Hurley's guitar case? And it so what could it possibly be?

I can't seem to think of one but why would they make it a point to show them putting the case in his pack and then showing it busted open on the beach? I mean, why even have it in the episode at all? I just thought that was odd and it stuck out for someone reason knowing that Hurley brings a case back to the island (even though his appears bigger and for a guitar).

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