Hey guys Are you going a little crazy like me counting down the days until January? ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH Sorry if this is something has been brought up before. I can't remember what the end result was of the possible comment by those cruel genius' about 'the answer is right in front of us'. I seem to recall they also said that we don't have all the pieces to really solve what is going on on this little island. So i got thinking, and this is something i put some thought into a ways back... If the answer, or 'an answer' is right in front of us. I would like to go on record as guessing that i believe the DHARMA logo itself may hold some info. My first guess was it might be morse code. which I can't read, so I can't guess what it might say. However...if it does turn out to be something, I can hold my head high and say "I saw that!!" Like I said, maybe it has been discussed and someone knows what it is. I'm guessing it is something. As far as ANY other ideas on just what the hell is going on, I have spent WAY too much time on here reading all the really good ones (and a few not so good ones) so I have to concede. Brilliant, brilliant writing by those tho has left me numb!

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