Unlike many people I'm not looking for all the answers. I'll admit I never thought I'd be saying this at the beginning of the season, but now that it's looking a big ask for every minor mystery to be solved I'm hoping they don't just reel off poor solutions in the finale. Where would be the fun in that? People (including myself) were generally unhappy about the way in which mysteries such as the whispers and Christian were solved. Obviously these needed to be answered but I'd rather no answer to a minor mystery than it being solved in this manner.

The 4 things I desperately want answered are:

How did the FST come about? Jacob dying, the bomb going off? How are the 2 timelines related?

Who is Eloise, how does she know EVERYTHING?

What are the rules explicitly, especially the 'don't let him talk to you' malarky

Is Richard dead, is Frank dead, is Dogen dead? Guessing I'd say yes, no, no because Frank hasn't even been mentioned since he died and Dogen was 'killed' in the magic water so could return, though this is a longshot.

Do you think these questions will be answered? And which would you see as most important?

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