A brilliant episode.

I've been waiting awhile this series for major characters to be killed off, and like london buses three came at once. Each death was fitting. Sayid's redemption and Jin's loyalty were perfectly encapsulated. Although I'm now worried that the whole 'Sayid-coming-back-to-life-but-a-bit-evil-cos-of-Flocke' thing is unlikely to be explained.

At first I was annoyed by the fact that 'The Candidate' referred to Locke being eligible for surgery, but I should have seen it coming from episode titles such as 'The Substitute.' I was really hoping that we would find out who the candidate was for sure in this episode.

And then we did.

Jack has been gaining serious momentum recently and delivered again in this episode. I now see it as a race between Widmore, Jack and Flocke to get to Desmond who is surely going to be on the winning side, if there is to be one at all.

The Flocke water stuff was interesting. He seemed shocked, but was also capable of getting back out from the water, though I guess I wasn't expecting him to dissolve or melt or something.

Some questions for the final episodes: 1. Will Juliet's 'it worked' prophecy come true? 2. Was the cut on Jack's neck in the FST in the premiere of 6 significant? 3. Is Dogen going to be revived from the magic water? 4. Is there free will or is everything pre determined?

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