There comes a point when I want an end to new questions. The penultimate to the penultimate episode was that time and now look at what we're dealing with after 'Across The Sea.' Who is the mother? How does she know what she knows? We're never going to find out.

The light I saw as incredibly cheesy, although I can deal with it as long as it ties in explicitly with the pockets of electromagnetic energy, the FDW and the temple. We can see that the FDW is linked, but then the mother goes and stops MIB from building it! The writers didn't really do themselves many favours here and left a lot of detail down to assumption. We're now meant to assume that the FDW was finished, possibly through the manipulation of MIB.

It's now clear that the reason we don't know MIB's name is because he was never named. This throws any possible Aaron resolution into disarray. Why must he be raised by Claire? What are the consequences of Kate raising him? He doesn't seem important enough to warrant any airtime in the last 3 and a half hours. He's clearly been scrunched up and thrown in the 'Walt' pile.

I'm a huge advocate of no spoilers so I have no prior knowledge of future episodes, and I'm really hoping for a second part to this episode. I was fearful that too much time was being spent on 'young' Jacob and MIB for the episode to carry on into the present day, or at least until the 815 crash.

What annoyed me most about this episode however was the opportunity missed to explain the rules. Obviously I assume this will be answered before the end, but what is there to enforce these rules? Again I go back to the mother: was she the first person on the island? Where has her authority come from?

I've got an awful feeling that the finale is going to incorporate many elements that weren't relevant before this episode. I don't want a resolution to be based around the light, or Jack sipping wine to gain superpowers.

In fairness I thought the Adam and Eve mystery was resolved well. As it looks like time travel isn't playing as big a role as people predicted (although I still see Desmond's consciousness time travelling, seeing the FST as the epilogue) MIB and mother made sense.

Here's hoping for the best possible end to LOST.

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