This is quite irrelevant in terms of finale speculation and is mainly for people who are sick of discussing the light that was obviously important from the very beginning and not the manifestation of a metaphor that could have remained just that.

Anyway the first LOST game was set at the end of season 3 and before the events of season 4 and beyond. This leaves massive potential for a sequel with the first game not seeing the likes of time travel, off island activity aside from flashbacks, and the more explicit influence of Jacob.

'The rules' of production for me would be that Darlton have to be in charge of writing it and that the cast give their voices to the game. Authenticity is the least we can ask for when we're told to suspend disbelief.

The universe of LOST is so vast that it would be difficult to know where to start when plotting a framework for a satisfying self-contained video game. The first game gave you charge of Elliot Maslow, a photojournalist suffering from amnesia. I thought this wasn't the right way to go about it. Although this lets you interact well with the other characters uniquely, it's not what LOST fans are after and this is the main demographic for the product. Any discerning non-LOST watching gamers would have opted for Uncharted over LOST if they were looking for a solid action game.

Now that the series is coming to an end, developers would have the whole story to play with and this is where I think the game could come into it's own. Instead of playing as one character you should play as several. This is also a reflection on the show as we don't just see the island though the eyes of one character.

It could work best split into episodes akin to games such as Heavy Rain, or, a more tenuous link, Sly Racoon 3. Imagine playing as Ethan gaining intel on the Losties, Ben making choices to lead the Others, or even MIB manipulating people or just smoking them to death!

Playable characters I would definitely include would be: Jack - Season 5 when there's trouble in Dharmaville.

Locke - Brilliant throughout, but I'd plump for Season 3 Locke when he has to stop Jack from leaving the island.

Desmond - He'd have two episodes: the monotonous pushing of the button with Inman as well as his time travelling antics which could include meeting Faraday.

Hurley - for some numbers related madness.

Sawyer - Possibly only in flashbacks, pulling some trademark cons.

Ben - Any Ben would be great, but as previously mentioned commanding the Others would be interesting.

Sayid - Working for Ben as an assassin. Most definitely.

Abaddon - Not exactly a main character, but the recruitment of candidates was clearly important and the game could shed some light on this.

Lapidus - Some flying missions could be cool whether by helicopter or even the doomed Ajira 316 flight....

Richard - The ageless wonder could reveal more of the history of the island.

MIB - Playing as the smoke monster is just something that you wouldn't get in any other game.

Keamy - Another outsider but he could handle himself in a shoot out.

There are 12 ideas but the beauty of LOST is that this barely scratches the surface. This is without considering the possibility of characters such as Jacob, Widmore, Charlie, Jin, Sun, Kate, Eloise, Michael, Ilana, Mikhail and Pierre Chang. And the list goes on.

Possible minigames could include:

Some Locke vs Walt backgammon, gigging with Driveshaft, GTA style rampages with Smokey, dynamite deathmatches (Ilana vs Artz anyone?) with the puppet Pierre Chang commentating or maybe a 'Nazi Zombies' style effort where you play as the deranged Rousseau.

In the words of Hurley, this could be awesome, so if you're reading this Darlton hit me up with an email!

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