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October 18, 2009
  • HurleyBird

    Unlike many people I'm not looking for all the answers. I'll admit I never thought I'd be saying this at the beginning of the season, but now that it's looking a big ask for every minor mystery to be solved I'm hoping they don't just reel off poor solutions in the finale. Where would be the fun in that? People (including myself) were generally unhappy about the way in which mysteries such as the whispers and Christian were solved. Obviously these needed to be answered but I'd rather no answer to a minor mystery than it being solved in this manner.

    The 4 things I desperately want answered are:

    How did the FST come about? Jacob dying, the bomb going off? How are the 2 timelines related?

    Who is Eloise, how does she know EVERYTHING?

    What are the r…

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  • HurleyBird

    This is quite irrelevant in terms of finale speculation and is mainly for people who are sick of discussing the light that was obviously important from the very beginning and not the manifestation of a metaphor that could have remained just that.

    Anyway the first LOST game was set at the end of season 3 and before the events of season 4 and beyond. This leaves massive potential for a sequel with the first game not seeing the likes of time travel, off island activity aside from flashbacks, and the more explicit influence of Jacob.

    'The rules' of production for me would be that Darlton have to be in charge of writing it and that the cast give their voices to the game. Authenticity is the least we can ask for when we're told to suspend disbelie…

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  • HurleyBird

    There comes a point when I want an end to new questions. The penultimate to the penultimate episode was that time and now look at what we're dealing with after 'Across The Sea.' Who is the mother? How does she know what she knows? We're never going to find out.

    The light I saw as incredibly cheesy, although I can deal with it as long as it ties in explicitly with the pockets of electromagnetic energy, the FDW and the temple. We can see that the FDW is linked, but then the mother goes and stops MIB from building it! The writers didn't really do themselves many favours here and left a lot of detail down to assumption. We're now meant to assume that the FDW was finished, possibly through the manipulation of MIB.

    It's now clear that the reason w…

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  • HurleyBird

    A brilliant episode.

    I've been waiting awhile this series for major characters to be killed off, and like london buses three came at once. Each death was fitting. Sayid's redemption and Jin's loyalty were perfectly encapsulated. Although I'm now worried that the whole 'Sayid-coming-back-to-life-but-a-bit-evil-cos-of-Flocke' thing is unlikely to be explained.

    At first I was annoyed by the fact that 'The Candidate' referred to Locke being eligible for surgery, but I should have seen it coming from episode titles such as 'The Substitute.' I was really hoping that we would find out who the candidate was for sure in this episode.

    And then we did.

    Jack has been gaining serious momentum recently and delivered again in this episode. I now see it as a …

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  • HurleyBird

    This needs clarification so bear with me. From how I remember it in season 5 Christian shows Sun the dharma initiave group photo containing Jin, Jack Hurley etc. Meanwhile Flocke is standing outside, although we don't yet know him as Flocke, merely John Locke rising from the dead. Is this how it happened? If not, nothing to see here, if so are we expected to believe that Smokey can inhabit multiple people at a time. Cos even within the rules of LOST, I'm not buying it.

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