John Locke:"I looked into the eye of this island and you know what I saw Jack; what I saw was beautiful."

While reading a post about electromagnetism, written by Destinedjourney, there was a response by SeanSheep talking about static electricity. It got me thinking about the different sounds that the smoke monster makes. The first sound we hear from "smokey" is it's creepy howling in Pilot, Part1. Another one is the clickity-click "arm" of the monster, which sounds almost machine operated. Yet another is the static charge it releases while surrounding it's "prey". Finally, we get to the flashing light, which in my opinion is MIB taking a "snapshot" so to say in finding a replacement for him. The times we the audience have seen these flashing lights are, a.) the first time we get a good look at smokey while hunting down Mr. Eko, b.) while in the jungle it takes a "snapshot" of Juliet, seemingly someone it has never seen before and c.) on the Black Rock it takes a "snapshot" of Richard, seemingly someone it has never seen before. Are the images smokey produces the direct result of these "snapshots"? If so, how did it get the images of Alex it produced for Ben while he was under The Temple? What exactly do these sounds mean and where do they come from? I'm curious to know what you guys think about this subject.

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