I’m going to tell you a story that my grandfather told me, one that his grandfather told him. It is a story that has been passed down generation after generation. It is the reason I became an archaeologist. It all begins some time in the distant past, a time when giants roamed the earth. There was talk of a great land, a land with endless possibilities filled with thick jungles, high mountain peaks and active volcanos. The land is said to have had beautiful waterfalls that tumbled to the earth like a falling star drifting across the night sky.
I’ve been told of beings traveling through wormholes in space, coming here from another dimension to observe the many properties of this place and get a better understanding of their own world. While here, these beings would erect statues to their gods and build structures much like we see in Egypt with the pyramids.
Similar to the lost city of Atlantis, “The Island” as it is referred to today, has sparked much debate to whether or not this place has ever existed.
Scientists and archaeologists alike have been searching for The Island for hundred’s of years. Its location has never been found, some say it’s located under a giant glacier in Antarctica, while others insist it’s lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. There are even whispers around the Theologian community that this place can cure the sick, heal the wounded and even grant man with the gift of eternal life.
Rumor has it that in the 1950’s the United States Army found The Island and was using it for human research and the testing of the Atomic Bomb. Hidden in this rumor is the story that the soldiers who were sent to The Island never returned home from their mission. While trying a search for an article pertaining to this news, I used the “Freedom of Information Act” to try and obtain a copy of an article, any article that would give me some kind of news of the existence of this place. Every attempt was met with stiff resistance, call me a conspiracy theorist but it seems as if someone is trying to hide the truth.
Sometime in late fall of 2004, a physicist named Dr. Daniel H. Faraday out of Oxford University claimed he also found the Island. His claim was that the Island was constantly moving through time itself and this was the reason why it was never found. Since leaving for his “journey of a lifetime” as he called it, Dr. Faraday has never been seen or heard from. All of his work on finding the Island has also disappeared with him. Officials at Oxford could not be reached for comment.
So, for the time being it looks as if the mystery of “The Island” will remain just that, a mystery.

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