My Island Journal Day 1

September 29 2004

It has been seven days since we crashed landed here on this island. Still no resuce has come and I'm starting to think if one will ever come! I have no idea where we're at, there are these weird noises coming from the jungle every once and awhile and it's freakin' me out, it's funny but it reminds of a taxicab printing up a receipt. There's going to be a memorial service later on tonight for those of us who didn't survive the crash. The concensus is that the bodies are going to be burned in the fuselage. I don't like the idea of burning them but there's no other choice, the dead bodies are inviting unwanted guests, wild boar. We have survived here on fish, fruit, water and a boar that was hunted by a creepy man named John, thank god that he somehow was able to check all of his knives onto the plane, I don't know how he did it.
There has been some talk between us survivors that there was a fugitive on the plane 'cause there was a U.S. Marshall among us who died last night. As for me, I've been pretty much pullin' my own weight around here, helping out with gathering up firewood, picking fruit and searching through the luggage for medical supplies.
There is a ten year boy here too with his father, I feel so bad for him. I heard that his mother died last week and he was going back to New York to live with his dad. What a bad week he is having. For some reason he doesn't seem to be scared at all, what a brave little boy. On top of it all his dog was on the plane and all he wants is his dog back, maybe it will show up somewhere but I doubt it.
About a half hour ago, Jack, the doctor broke up a fight between some redneck and an Arab guy. He then gave a pretty inspirational speech, telling us that he was just in the jungle and that he found fresh water up in the valley and some caves that would make for a good shelter. He then went on to say that all of this fighting isn't going to work and in his words "If we can't live together then we're going to die alone". True words indeed. The doctor seems to know what he's talking about so me and some of the others are going to go with him to the caves in the morning.
Gotta go now. The memorial service is about to start.

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