My Island Journal Day 1
My Island Journal Day 7

October 6 2004

Another day has come and gone and still no rescue is in sight. Us survivors have come to the realization that we'll probably be stranded here on this island for quite a while if not till our dying days. Sadly, a dying day came for one us last week when a lady by the name of Joanna went out for a swim in the ocean. Despite an attempt by Jack to rescue her, she got caught in the heavy current and it swept her out to sea, drowning her.

Some of us moved up to the caves with Jack a little over a week ago. These caves make for great shelter and there's an endless supply of fresh water. Unfortunelty, it hasn't been all peaceful here. There was an accident the other day. During an inspection of one of the caves there was a collapse trapping Jack inside. Micheal, Hurley, Scott, Steve and myself tried feverishly to dig him out. We succeeded in making a passageway wide enough for someone to climb through it to see if Jack was alright. A brave soul by the name of Charlie volunteered for the task. Charlie seemed to make it only halfway through when the second collapse occured trapping both him and Jack. Panic ensued because the only doctor we had seemed to be lost and possibly dead in the cave. My heart felt for Charlie as well, he wasn't feeling to well for a few days and he risked his life to save another. Just as a second feverish attempt at digging them out started, out of nowhere appeared Jack and Charlie. We were all very relieved to see them. I didn't even ask how they got out, I didn't care how it happened just that it did.

Despite all the bad things that are happening to us, it hasn't been all doom and gloom here. The big guy, Hurley, made a golf couse, that's right a golf course! We all took a few hacks at it and there's one thing that's the same here on this island as it is back in the real world, I still can't golf. Hurley dubbed our little outing as the "First Island Open". There was a little gambling going on too, some bets were placed on whether or not Jack would make a putt. I had my money on the doc. For just a little while it almost felt like home.

All fun and games aside there was just a pretty scary moment that happened. The pregnant girl, Claire, suddenly awoke from her sleep screaming as if the devil was chasing her. I don't know what it was all about, just seemed like she had had a nightmare. She was so scared that she dug her fingernails into her palms drawing blood. I'd never seen anything like that before, it made me scared. She said that someone had injected her with a needle and tried to hurt her unborn child. Crazy stuff!! I've got enough to worry about and now she's claiming there's a man with a syringe going around sticking us with it. No thank you!


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