LOST Poetry 2.0

LOST Poetry 1.0

Fate fingers late fingers both symbols of Charlie.
Floating adrift while singing Bob Marley.
Critical FAA rules violation Jack says to Cindy.
Peanut butter comforts during pregnancy.
That hostile saw the model of the Swan says Radzinsky.
Whispers can be heard in a jungle dubbed dark territory.
An exploding slaver at the expense of Hurley.
The Elizabeth a sailboat donated by Libby.
Richard goes and gets the the man from Tallahassee.
Karl and Walt brainwashed in Room 23.
Dharma vans driven by workman and hippies.
Let's not resort to name calling says MIB.
It happened to Desmond as it happened to Minkowski.
Diving for Halliburton in Whatever the Case May Be.
Cancer cured part of the islands healing property.
Jacob and his nemesis caught in a rivalry.

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