With the opening of an eye and the wagging of a retriever
Strangers on a plane bound for LA, leaving down under
An island full of mystery only known by a few
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
It’s a place where miracles happen, don’t tell me what I can’t do
From children who are special to polar bears with biscuits
A black rock, a mural and a blast door of hints
Hatches to explore, axes, ladders and caves to climb in
Cases by Haliburton, guns, knives and Geronimo Jackson
A bright light and a noise with the turning of a wheel
Time-traveling losties and faith vs. free will
The others with their lists, candidates for Jacob
I think I've been to the future and been to this pub
Buried alive with diamonds of eight million
Mittelos Bioscience, not exactly in Portland
The DHARMA Initiative and their ridicilous experiments
A man of science, a man of faith, a man of confidence
Room 23, creepy whispers, Adam and Eve
Leslie Artz, Henry Gale, Scott and Steve
Freighter merceneries and scientists with fancy phones
Like Jack said, "If we don't live together, we'll die alone"

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