Well guys I thought I would start a new trend in the blog posts. We've been seeing these favorite, best moment, number one actor/actress lists for awhile now, which isn't a bad thing. Just thought I would spice things up a bit by not only having a favorite moment but having said moment right in front of all of you.

The launching of the raft is a critical moment in L O S T. The wonderful, triumphant music of Micheal Giacchino combined with the excellent cinematography is what makes the scene even that more sweet. It gave us the oppurtunity to finally meet these band of Others that had become so mysterious late in season one. It lead to Micheal, Sawyer and Jin meeting up with the survivors from the tail section which lead to the "Tailies" along with the sailors to trek across the jungle and eventually, after hearing whispers, come upon an Other. It just turns out to be Shannon, dripping wet, running towards death...

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