John Locke 1956-2007

Captain John Locke

John Locke had lived an amazing life. Just as He was growing mentally as a human being, his life was cut short a bit too early.

John was a terrific human and a great friend. He was the kind of friend who would stand by you through thick and thin and be there to help you out of a bad situation. He would also mentor you too, like you were one of his own siblings. John never had a family of his own. He was an orphan since childbirth, grew up in foster home after foster home and never was really taken in by anyone special. The nurses at the hospital, where John was born, called him a "miracle" baby. Being born three months premature, battling illnesses and surviving several surgeries, I can see why the hospital staff gave him the nickname.

John's childhood days were filled with camping trips with the Cub Scouts. John learned to build fires for cooking and fires for heat. He learned how to tie knots for climbing, construct a shelter for staying dry and out of the rain. The rain didn't bother John much though, he would be out there in a storm no matter how bad; enjoying every moment of it and every once in a while look up to the heavens for what seemed like a personal thanks to God. This is where I first met my good friend John Locke, we were Webelos.

As I recall. When we were kids this one time in the sixth grade, John and I were partners in the annual nature/science fair at the elementary school we attended. It was his first in a long line of fairs John would attend through his school years. John wanted to impress everyone that year with what he called his "time capsule box". Of course it didn't work, all it was to you and me was a cardboard box with some fancy wiring attached to a watch. But to John it was more than that. To John it was a symbol of freedom. It didn't matter to me what John thought it was and what it did. I was just there for the great friendship.

It was unfortunate what this wonderful man went through in his later years. When I found out about his paralysis it was sad news. A good man doesn’t deserve this physical imprisonment. No man deserves it.

I’ll tell you one thing my friends. Never tell this man that he couldn’t do it; John would do it. He would do anything for you, without asking for anything in return. This is who John Locke was. I’ve known him since we were kids. John had a good soul and the heart of a champion. He will be missed dearly. Rest in Peace my friend. Rest in Peace John Locke.

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