The end is near for our journey through LOST.
Will all the candidates be killed and crossed?
Who will win the war the good side or evil?
If it's all a dream there will be fan upheavel.
Has this been all just a blur?
Six years of mystery and development of character.
Intrigue set in with island antiquities
Emotions stirred at the sight of dead Losties.
LOST has made the impossible seem possible.
Turned a television show into a life-changing symbol.
Will the end bring feelings of cold and bleak?
Will we get the answers we all seem to seek?
Life without LOST will be a painful loss
It may be a few before the eyes have no gloss.
September 22 2004 the day of the crash.
May 23 2010 we'll see our last flash.
LOST Poetry 1.0
LOST Poetry 2.0

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