When Kate, Sawyer, and Karl leave the Hydra island they travel up the coast heading to the Beach Camp with the ocean to their right. After they ditch the outrigger they continue walking and arrive at the Beach Camp 3 days later. They walk up to the camp from the right (as viewed from facing the ocean)

This suggests the Beach Camp is well North of the Hydra island (using Rousseau's map North)

In the last couple episodes they attempt to travel around the horn of the Island in the boat to get to the Orchid faster. They leave left from the camp (as viewed facing the ocean). Shortly after they set off they are forced to head to the shore, they find wreckage, and in the next episode they stumble upon Jin at the French camp.

On Rousseau's map in the North part of the Island there is a shipwreck on some rocks, and french text indicating their first camp. This is near what would most likely be the "horn" of the Island.

Given all this, and the fact we haven't seen the crater or Hydra near the Beach Camp, does this prove that

a) The Beach Camp is on the North West part of Rousseau's map. b) That North on Rousseau's map is actually South. c) That the locations pointed out by Sayid (Decoy Village, Rousseau's Dugout) should actually be "flipped" (moving Decoy Village to the "East" on Rousseau's map and moving Rousseau's Dugout to near the French first camp in the "North")

I'd like to hear your opinions and counter-evidence. Thanks for reading.

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