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    Location of the Beach Camp

    February 18, 2009 by Hugo815

    When Kate, Sawyer, and Karl leave the Hydra island they travel up the coast heading to the Beach Camp with the ocean to their right. After they ditch the outrigger they continue walking and arrive at the Beach Camp 3 days later. They walk up to the camp from the right (as viewed from facing the ocean)

    This suggests the Beach Camp is well North of the Hydra island (using Rousseau's map North)

    In the last couple episodes they attempt to travel around the horn of the Island in the boat to get to the Orchid faster. They leave left from the camp (as viewed facing the ocean). Shortly after they set off they are forced to head to the shore, they find wreckage, and in the next episode they stumble upon Jin at the French camp.

    On Rousseau's map in the…

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    There are two factions of 'Others'. Richard's 'Others' who just want to be left alone to go about their business, and a more pro-active bunch eventually led by Widmore who want to use the secrets of the Island to become rich and powerful. Widmore is secretly involved in bringing DHARMA to the Island.

    Widmore had been selected as 'Leader' of all the 'Others' by this time but in 1984/1985 the conflict of ideology between Richard and Widmore+DHARMA comes to a head resulting in the incident noted on the Blast Door Map. The Island is moved, Widmore is banished from the Island, and DHARMA on the Island lose contact with the outside world. Richard's 'Others' take over some parts of the Island infrastructure including all means to leave the …

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