So LOST is over (tear), and we are salivating waiting for the season 6 Epilogue. Until then, I am going to submit some mysteries that may be too irrelevant to be answered, but relevant to some hardcore LOST-lovers. 1. How did Hugo Reyes get the nickname "Hurley"? 2. Why did the Pierre Chang have SO many candle related aliases? 3. Why is Daniel's last name Faraday when his mom's name is Eloise Hawking, and his dad's is Charles Widmore? 4. Why is Miles' last name Straume, fairly german sounding name, when his dad's name is Pierre Chang? (I am unsure of his mom, Laura's, last name, but she was asian too, and Straume not) As you can tell I went with a name theme. Feel free to add your answers, or more questions. Some answers to LOST mysteries I've read here in the past were better than the answers given! Thanks!

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