So "Lost," a 6 season long investment is over. Some are pleased, some are pissed(to say the least) but this is what we get. Some bloggers believe the Losties went to Purgatory, some believe the Island was Purgatory. Some think they went to heaven, others believe they were reincarnated, some believe they reached Nirvana. Is it possible we are all correct? That "Lost" is open to interpretation, and its meant to mean one thing to "Tim," and another to "Tom?" Clearly it was influenced by so many different things: Literature, Philosophy, Theology, Mythology, Pop Culture, History, Science, and more. By having such diverse influences, "Lost" turned into a universally watchable show. Different viewers understood "Lost" differently. Either they saw what made sense to them, or their eyes were opened to a new understanding of the world, possibly something in between. "Lost," IMO, was not a show about one thing, it was the sum of all its parts. It may have left you pleased or dissappointed, but we watched for 6 seasons, looking forward to the next episode. We theorized, argued, researched, and fantasized. Now maybe not everything ended the way we wanted to, but maybe by not being specific they left it open to interpretation. They didn't wrap it up with a bow, they left us guessing. They let us choose what happens, and what it all meant. For some of us this is a pretty sucky way to end 6 seasons, while others are still reeling from this mind trip we call "Lost." I think we may all agree we witnessed television history. How will we spend our Tuesday nights?

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