I looked into my mythology, and found some intersting parallels:

Black Misery and Radiance-Tibetan Mythology "At one time, it was said, when nothing existed, two lights were born. One of these was black and called Black Misery(myal ba nag po), the other was white and called Radiant('od zer ldan). Then, out of chaos arose multi-coloured streams of light which separated in the manner of a rainbow, and ftr9om their five colours arose the five qualities of hardness, fluidity, heat, motion, and space. These five elements came together and fused into a huge egg which was under the guardianship of Black Misery and Radiant. Black Misery produced the darkness of non-being from that egg, and he filled the darkness with pestilence and disease, misfortune, drought and pain. Radiance thereupon filled the world with the light of auspicious becoming. He sent forth vitality, and well being, joy, prosperity, longevity, and a host of beneficient gods..."

The legent of Tiki:a creation story-Oceanic Mythology The god Tiki lived in Havaiipo, the mirror-image world of darkness, where he commanded many spirits. He found that he was lonely, se he went to the seashore and created a child in the sand which he then covered over and went away. Three days later he returned and was surprised to gind a small hill where he had buried the child. He scraped the loose sand away and found a beautiful woman whom he named Hinatunaone. She became his wife. A son and daughter were born who were able to procreate. Tiki decided to find them a place to live, so he left Havaiipo and found a place in the ocean where he commanded the land of Nukuhiva to appear and placed his grandchildren there. Soon ther were too many people and he looked ober the water and commanded Uapou to rise. He now left Nukuhiva, where the people made an image of him in stone, but he still created new lands as the population increased: Uahuku in the east, Hivaoa in the south, Tahuata people from Uahuku, Mohutani as a resting place, and Fatuhiva peopled from Hivaoa"

'Isis Learns the Secret name of Re the Sun god-Egyptian Mythology "After the sun god Re, Isis was the most powerful of the Egyptian deities because she discovered the secret name of Re. To know a name was to have power..." I would finish this one, but my son needs to use the restroom, will post more later.

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