All right, I may be new, but I know what is polite, and I know what is just plain rude. To you rude folks-I've said it before, and I will say it again, if you're idea of a "good time" is logging on to your computer ready to initiate a fight, that is just sad. SAD. You are wasting your own time being counterproductive and creating enemies. Maybe you should cool your jets, reevaluate your life and priorities. Do you really want people to dislike you? If you do, maybe you need to talk to someone. To users fueling their fire-Don't get geared up and baited in. Sad people want you to fight back. Fighting back does not make you the bigger person, you are just sinking to their level. Ignore them, or reach out and have an adult conversation(No name calling/profanity) I know these are things we all fundementally know. Everyonce in a while we need reminded, myself included. So, to sum up...Play nice. Sorry to sound preachy, but it was apparently something some of us needed to hear. Thank you.

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