D&C's top 10 LOST moment's=From TV Guide

1)Jack & Locke bond(Season1-"White Rabbit") 2)Kate & Jack get trapped in net(Season2 "S.O.S.) 3)Reveal of Dharma logo on shark(Season2 "Adrift") 4)Rose & Bernard's Reunion(Season2 "Collision") 5)Ben asking, "Got any milk?"(Season2 "The Whole Truth") 6)Hurley's Wild (car) Rides(Various) 7)Sawyers heroic helicopter leap(Season 4 "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2") 8)Hurley talks with Miles(Season 5 "What Happened, Happened") 9)Claire's Squirrel Baby(Season6 "Recon") 10)Desmond's flash to Charlie's drowning(Season6 "Happily Ever After") Just thought you guys may find this interesting.

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