I terrorized poor Ocie's blog yesterday, and I'm very sorry.(We're good now...I think) But a stand had to be made! Twilight has taken over the world.

You think that sounds too dramatic? Chew on this...the other day my friend took her 6 year-old neice to Burger King. She ordered her a kids meal. Her neice reached into the bag and pulled out...a tiny purse with the name "Bella" on it. That's right, Twilight kids meals! Her neice turned to her and said,"Why would I want a purse that says 'Bella?' That's not my name!"

Now either the fatcats at BK thought A)"We'll end teen obesity by marketing Twilight in kids meals. The portions will be smaller, and those nuts will buy anything endorsed by a vampire!" OR B)It was a genius cost cutting measure. "We'll market Twilight in our kids meals. Kids AND adults will buy them, and we won't have to make as much food! All we gotta do is produce some cheaply made trinkets that are Twilight's perfect!"

Twilight is being shoved down our throats! Who's with me in boycotting this teeny-bop franchise? If you wanna be obsessed about something, obsess about LOST! The only "Team Jacob" I wanna hear about is vs. "Team MIB." It's okay to geek long as it doesn't involve sparkly vampires!

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