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June 12, 2009
  • HoffsDrawlar

    So a lot of times i visit the lostpedia blogs i feel there is a lot of negativity. Not only in regards to the actual show as in characters, plot points, revelations etc., but within the lostpedia community. If someone were to ask/tell me a/about "stupid" question, theory, thought or whatnot; i'd be thrilled to answer it or put in my two cents. ANYWAY i digress, these are a few of my favorite season 6 things:

    -When the flash sideways timeline was introduced at first it seemed very much like the original timeline, but as episodes continued we soon realized it was anything but. -The growing bond between Sun and Frank. -When Boone says to Locke "you're pulling my leg" in regards to the walkabout. -Hurley's new found and deserved leadership. -Ja…

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  • HoffsDrawlar

    Season 2?

    March 18, 2010 by HoffsDrawlar

    Wouldn't it have made a lot more sense if Ana Lucia was the blind date instead of Charlotte being that they were all cops and whatnot? Not that Rebecca Mader didn't do an excellent job. But I will note that while the previous seasons have been referenced, season two is definatly lacking.

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  • HoffsDrawlar

    The Fuse

    March 1, 2010 by HoffsDrawlar

    Season premieres always give some insight into the season ahead. As far as this season premiere according to Juilet it worked supposedly meaning the detonation of the Jughead. To me seeing the island underwater means the game is over, the war is over and a side has won but we don't know which, white or black. However the journey has just begun for the ones who haven't been crossed off yet. This season is playing off season one's strengths in a whole new way. The fuse has been lite and the bomb is in sight. This alternate reality is going to possibly show us that even without the island's influence life works out or would have worked out in a similar manner. I think in season six lessons will show the same character development from season …

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  • HoffsDrawlar

    Lighthouse and Cave

    February 25, 2010 by HoffsDrawlar

    So far we've seen two lists one in the cave presented by MIB to Sawyer the other in the lighthouse presented by Jacob to Hurley and Jack. We immediately see the two sides light and dark now manifested into these two men and they each have their lists, Jacob's in the lighthouse MIB's in the cave. I feel Jacob is researching to find the best candidates and pushing them to make the choices that will bring them to the island. MIB is more interested in spoiling Jacob's candidates "infecting" them such as Sayid and Claire.

    Also is anyone else surprised that Kate isn't one of the lottery numbers? Granted I've become tired of Kate as well especially in season 5, however she has been an extremely important character since the beginning. Her life bef…

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