With all the negative comments here regarding the quality of season 6 as well as the lack of answers, I thought I would present everyone with something that I noticed a few episodes ago. LOST is giving us the answers! They've been giving us big juicy clues all season long, but in traditional LOST fashion, the producers have left it up to us, the viewers, to put the pieces together. I think that is the way most of the answers will be presented to us. Sure they will tell us the big ones flat out but a lot of the lesser ones will probably be for us to figure out. This is not to say that there aren't right answer's or that the producers copped out in any way, just that they know LOST'S audience tends to be a bit more intelligent than the average TV watcher and they thought "why not let them figure it out?". Does anyone else see what has been going on this season? Sure the acting has been a bit iffy and a lot people are complaining about the lack of action. But there are subtextual battles of philosophy and ideology, hidden behind the dialogue, and massive spiritual and physical transformations going on within the characters. And if you listen closely, you will receive the answers you seek. I mean, do you really want to be just told all the answers? How boring would that be! When Michael just came out and told us what the whispers were i was like "COME ON! YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!". Use them noggins people because LOST ain't nothing less than genius.

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