Ok, guys I'm very sorry that I filled up the blogs with a bunch of crap, and sorry if I offended any short people. When I first came to Lostpedia, I made a blog asking the users who their least favorite user was. Of course, this was offensive and I now regret it and what it has done to others, and to my reputation. After several more senseless posts, I was banned for a month. The attitude towards my returnal was negative. I now understand why, and I hope all of you understand that I regret these behaviors. I didn't wanna make Lostpedia a place of arguing, and I didn't mean to drive away the smart users. If anyone was hurt by anything I said, I probably didn't mean it (hormones!!), any I'm sorry. However, I know that most of you were more annoyed and frustrated than hurt. I know that most of you work really hard on this site, and I'm sorry for polluting it with my nonsense. If you have any questions, or anything you would like to personally address, please leave a message on my talk page, and I will respond. Again, sorry for messing up your site, and I hope everything can still be ok.

Now, a shout out to some users whom I may have offended, although they were trying to help me.

  • HorribleEyes - I know you were trying to help. Thanks for being a good Mother of the Wiki.
  • BalkofFame - Thanks for being calm, and smart. You were right about everything you said about me.
  • Julietfan - I know you don't like Batman. I was just trying to get your goat. You're cool.
  • Anyone else (maybe Ocie14, Staion7, that Irish dude I called a loser...) - sorry.

Also, I might get banned soon, so goodbye to all my friends, and if you follow my story, it'll still be on


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