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Heyjude614 September 11, 2010 User blog:Heyjude614

Bold = at the camp, Italisized = at the cages, normal = in the jungle, CAPS = dead

Brent: A 14 year old boy who plays the piano and is scared of guns. Tall, freckles, curly blonde hair, looks most like young Jacob (survivor)

Jessica: A 23 year old girl who is a good leader, and brave. Tall, dark blonde, very pretty, looks like Jessica (survivor)

JUDIE: A 15 year old girl who likes singing. Small, short brown hair, looks most like Cindy (survivor)

Eric: A 25 year old dude who likes poetry. Tall, handsome, dark hair, glasses, looks most like Richard (survivor)

Hannah: A 17 year old girl who you don't wanna mess with. Small, long dark hair, looks most like Alex (Other)

John: A 5 year old boy with a paralyzing bow and arrow, looks most like Aaron (Other)

Jason: 19 year old boy who is reserved but wants to be seen as helpful and useful, average height, dark short hair, looks most like Jack (survivor)

Harry: A seventy year old man allergic to everything, and wise. Looks most like Kelvin (Survivor)

Warlock: A 45 yr old leader of the Others. Tall, bald. Looks most like Eko (Other)

Joshie Orson: An english 18 yr old ex-ninja who falls in love with Elodie despite their language barrier. Short, blonde. Looks most like Charlie (survivor)

Veronica: A 38 yr old snobby lady who is mean to everyone. Pretty. Looks most like Nikki (survivor)

Elodie: 19 year old French babysitter of Carey's kids. Pretty, long dark hair, looks most like Naomi (survivor)

Danny: A rude and selfish 28 year old guy. Brown hair. Looks most like Frogurt (survivor)

Carey: A 35 year old mom of three children living with her ex-husband in France. Looks most like Penny (survivor)

Marie, Emilie, Paul: Carey's french children. Ages 6, 8, and 10 (survivors)

James: a 45 year old survivor

Gretchen: A 22 year old girl. Red hair, pale. (survivor)

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