OK, this is my theory that almost everything in Lost is related to feet. First off, the characters in Lost "move on". What do feet do for you? They help you move the next area.

Next, there are five MAIN characters in Lost (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Locke). How many toes are on a foot? Five. Also, one of the numbers is 15. There are five toes on one foot. Fifteen is one five. Also, "Count to five" is something Jack said.

Next, Jacob's statue has messed up feet, and after is was destroyed, only it's foot remained. By messed up, I mean it only has 4 tows, and it's feet are weirdly spaced. This was clearly put in as part of the foot theme, and if you did not recognize that, you are a meathead.

More examples? The Man with red shoes. Locke first notices he isn't paralyzed after he wiggles his feet. Flash FORWARDS - feet move you forward.

Thanks to BalkofFame for these: Each character was in their own way obsessed with feet.

Jack: Put white tennis shoes on his father's body, an act that haunted him for years.

Kate: Born to run. Robs a dead man's boots in the Pilot. Tries to escape the island by sinking her feet in the sand.

Locke: Spends half the series staring at his foot.

Sawyer: Steps on a dart in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead". The camera follows his foot closely.

Sayid: Gives Shannon a pair of shoes. Not something practical, or even something like jewelry that she could wear on the island - shoes.

Jin: He was Mr. Paik's foot soldier.

Sun: She and her mother argued over whether she should wear heels to meet Jae Lee..

Hurley: He steps on a sea urchin. He urges Jin to pee on it for fear of losing his foot.

Ana Lucia: Holds Sayid hostage in exchange for ammunition and... socks. Not a new shirt, or new underwear. Just socks.

Shannon: First thing she does on the island? Gives herself a pedicure.

Boone: Chooses death rather than let Jack amputate his foot.

Brilliant, huh? The writers wrote a show based on feet...

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