Jessica wakes up.

Jessica: Hello? Eric??


Model agency dude: Ok, Ms. Sampson, meet me monday at the Hard Rock Cafe at 3, and we will discuss your career.

Jessica: Gotcha. So how many shoots in the next month?

Model agency dude: [Chuckles] Honey, wait until Monday! And bring...

Jessica: $25,000.

M.a.d.: -To get ya started!

Jessica: Can I see...some papers or something?

M.a.d.: You are one impatient little future supermodel. Tomorrow.

Jessica laughs.

Back on island

Jessica: Where are you, Eric?

She sees Judie's body, but that Brent it missing

Jessica: Eric!!

She runs back to the survivor's camp.


In Hard Rock Cafe

Jessica meets the M.a.d.

M.a.d.: Money?

Jessica: Papers?

M.a.d.: Course.

He hands her a form. Jessica reads it, and signs at the bottom.

M.a.d.: Now..a check?

She writes him a check for $25,000. He grabs it and runs, hops into his car, and a driver drives away.

Jessica cries out.

On Island

Jessica gets back to the survivors.

Jessica: Why did you leave me? Where's Brent??

Eric: I'm sorry, I don't know.

They hear a scream in the distance.

This is Jessica's centric. What do you think?

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