Brent is in a cage

Brent: What are you doing??

Warlock: Protecting you.

Brent: From what??

Warlock: From...that thing.

Brent: Oh, god, what thing?

Warlock: You are vulnerable to it. You are not a candidate. I can tell you no more.

Brent: What about the rest of the survivors? Are they vulnerable to it?

Warlock: No more.

Brent: Tell me!

Warlock walks away


Rivers: Good luck, Brent! [laughs]

Brent: Thanks.

Rivers: Haha, thanks? I meant you're gonna need it!

Brent walks away.

Coach: Alright everyone! Welcome and thank you for being interested in out soccer program here at Woodwar! Now, today I'm just gonna evaluate everyone, and decide who should...make up our team this season.

On island

Jessica: C'mon guys, this is where he was shot with an arrow. We're close I think. Tell me if you hear anything.

Elodie: Je suis tres effraye.

Jessica: Um, ok, I don't know what that means. Let's find Brent!

Elodie: Quelque chose a tort

Jessica: Shh.

Suddenly, everyone is shot with darts and fall to the ground. 20 minutes later, everyone wakes up, but notices Elodie, Danny, and Gretchen are gone.

At cages

Elodie, Danny, and Gretchen are put into cages.

Danny: Brent?

Brent: Oh, you guys too! Sweet.


On intercom: The JV boys soccer team tryouts results are here. Congratulations to the following boys: Erin Mills, Colin Siek, Oliver Ollenhue, Jake Smith, Derek Screutchen, Conrad Kramer, Griffin Queen, Connor Corbit, Ken Brinsot, Michael Decker, Brian Regin, David Reteneller, and Captains Rivers Tellahan and Cole Wile.

The bell rings and school is dismissed. Brent packs up his stuff and gets in his dad's car.

Brent: We got the results.

Brent's dad: So, when do practices start?

Brent: Tuesday.

On island

Danny: What do you know? Why are we here?

Brent: I don't know.

What do you think?

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