Jessica: Ok, just about a mile now.

Eric: Are you sure? I think we’re lost.

Harry: I know we’re lost.

Jessica: No we aren’t! Trust me!

Harry: Honey…I don’t trust.


Julian: Sir, um, I was wondering, if, um do you give me permission to marry your daughter. I love her and I want to be with her for the rest of my life.

Harry: My Kelsey? I…Julian, can I trust that you will keep her safe? And be a good husband and…father?

Julian: Of course you can.

On island

Jessica: Well you need to learn to!

Harry: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Jessica: But you can kick the old dog off a cliff. Enough with the negative attitude, we’re almost there.

Eric: What are we gonna do when we get there?

Jessica: We’re gonna talk to them.

Brent: About what?

Harry: Why did he have to come?

Jessica: You’re acting like eight year olds! Shut up and trust me!


News reporter (on TV): Kelsey Bentley was recently killed by her new husband, undercover break in expert, Julian Bentley. He got away and is likely on the loose in a white Ford.

Marie (Harry’s wife) and Harry are crying.

Marie: They didn’t say about how he robbed her clean and set the house on fire.

Harry: They didn’t have time for details.

Marie: How…how did he fool us so easily?

Harry: I shouldn’t have trusted him.

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