Jessica: We're here.

Brent: Oh, god. I'm scared.

Harry: Too bad. Are we just gonna walk in? What are we gonna say?

Jessica: Follow my lead.

Jessica walks into the camp, and the others follow.

Lillie: There's people here! Mom! Warlock! Are these the survivors?

Warlock: What?


Brent: [To a kid at his school, Andrew] Can I use your phone? I left mine at home today, and my dad should have been here like an hour ago.

Andrew: Uh, yeah, but hurry up cause my mom is almost here. [gives him the phone]

Brent: Thanks. [Dials number. No one answers] Here, let me try my mom. [dials number. no one answers]

Andrew: I gotta go. [Brent gives him his phone back]

On island

Warlock: I recognize you. Why were you running away?

Jessica: What? When we ran away from you?

Eric: You had some of us in cages! We were escaping. Listen, we need to get off this island. There are more of us back at our camp. Our plane crashed and-

Warlock: I know. I know what happened. We all do. Now you need to listen to me. There is something on this island that can, and WILL kill you...well, some of you. We don't want that to happen.

Eric: Why not? Why do you care?

Warlock: Because we are testing a theory. The theory is that every time this thing, or person, or whatever it is, kills someone, it grows stronger. But all you need to know now is that you cannot, CANNOT, trust anyone. And neither can we.


Brent calls 911.

Brent: Um, hello, I'm calling because I haven't seen my parents for 24 hours, and I can't reach them.

On island

Eric: You people, who live here...are you...

Warlock: ...civilized? Yes. Proof? It is May 19th.

Brent: Hey, I'm 15!

Warlock: your birthday May 17th?

Brent: Yeah. Why?

Warlock: Mary Margaret?

Meg (Mary Margaret): [Stops crying and runs over] What?

Warlock: There is a boy here. His birthday is May 17th. Would you like to talk to him?

Meg: Daniel Brent?

Brent: Mom?

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