Eric: Jessica!

Jessica is running towards the camp. Eric runs to her.

Eric: Are you okay? Jeanette and Danny are dead. Where are the others?

Jessica: Josh and the French girl are out in the ocean. Gretchen is still at the cages.

Eric: How’d you get back?

Jessica: I climbed…up the damn cliff.

Carey: Did you see anyone in the jungle? Brent was attacked.

Jessica: I heard a weird clicking noise, and I heard Brent yell.

Eric: A clicking noise?

Jessica: Yeah, so is Brent okay? Who do you think attacked him?

Eric: One of the survivors is a doctor. She said he’ll be okay. We think it was one of us.

Jessica: What? No. We’ve already lost Judie, Danny, and Jeanette. We can’t be killing each other!

Eric: Hey, Jason! How many survivors are there?

Jason: Minus Gretchen, Judie, Danny, Jeanette, Josh, and Elodie, there are 58. Why?

Jessica: Go count. Count everyone.

Jason goes off and starts counting everyone.

In the ocean

Joshie has saved Elodie and they are in a cave.

Joshie: So…what part of France do you live in?

Elodie: Lyon.

Joshie: Sweet. What’s it like there?

Elodie: Cold. And boring. Where you live?

Joshie: Oh, I’m from Salisbury…England.

Elodie: We are not far away.

At the camp

Jason: [To Jessica and Eric] I counted! There are 59.

Eric: You sure?

Jason: Yeah. I counted twice.

Jessica: Then…one of us isn’t…one of us.

Carey: What? Are we safe?

Jessica: I don’t know!

Carey: Give me a gun.

Eric: What?

Carey: Listen! We are stuck on an island! I have my kids with me! There are mysterious armed people, and one of us is in not who they say they are! Marie was already kidnapped; I’m not taking any more changes. Give me a gun.

Eric: Shh.

He hands her a small handgun.

Jessica: Wait! What if she’s the fake? What if it’s a trick?

Eric: Her kids. Jason only counted one extra, not four. The kids are her proof.

Harry: What’s your proof, Erica? Why should you get to keep the guns? You’re the one who was gone when the kid got stabbed!

Eric: Well you’re the one that said he got on your nerves!

Jessica: Just shut up, guys! It could have been any one of us! Carey is the only one that gets to keep a gun!

Olivia: [To Carey] I can watch your children. If you want me too...

Carey: No. It’s okay. I have a babysitter. I just don’t know where she is.

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