"Searching" Episode 12

Heyjude614 September 13, 2010 User blog:Heyjude614

At the cliff

Jessica: I'm not jumping!

Joshie: Just go! It's just water!

Jessica: But-

Joshie pushes her off, then jumps off himself. Elodie and Danny follow.

Jessica: [treading water] Ahh! You know that they can just jump down here too!!

Joshie: [treading water] But they can't attack us in the water!

Jessica: We're out numbered, they can drown us.

Joshie: Well they aren't. Look!

The Others are at the top of the cliff, yelling.

Joshie: We need to swim back.

Danny: I don't like that idea. I'm gonna hide in the caves.

Joshie: Suit yourself. C'mon Elodie.

They begin swimming back to the camp.

In the woods

Brent: Marie, I'm gonna put you down now, okay?

Marie: Good.

Brent: You speak English?

Marie: Yes. Not well.

Brent: Ok, good.

Marie: Ahh!

Brent: What? What is it?

Marie: I saw a something!

Brent: Ok, don't worry, we're almost back to the camp.

Marie: No! There is a person here.

Brent: We're almost back.

They hear two people talking.

Brent: Oh god. Stay still.

Marie cries.

Person: What was that?

Brent is worried, and scared. The people start running towards them. It's Eric and Jason.

Eric: Hello? Marie?

Brent: Eric! I have Marie.

Marie: Who is he?

Brent: He is good.

Jason: [To the survivors] We found Marie and Brent!

Carey: [from a distance] Marie? Honey?

Marie: Mommy!

Carey runs to Marie and picks her up.

Carey: Thank you, Eric, Jason, and...

Brent: Brent. Brent Donahome.

Carey: Yes, thank you Brent.

Brent: You're welcome.

At the camp

Harry: Why do people keep disapearing?

Eric: Wish I knew.

Jeanette: Ahh!

Everyone rushes over to her. She is on the ground, bleeding, with a bloody body on top of her.

Jeanette: [faintly] I-I saw smoke, and a body fell from above.

Harry: She hit her head. It's bleeding. She ain't gonna make it.

Brent: Shut up.

Harry slaps him.

Harry: What did you say to me, boy?

Brent: Sorry, she's dying! That's not what she wants to hear! Ow...

Harry: Look me in the eye when you say sorry!

Brent: Your not my dad!

Eric: SHUT UP!

Mackenzie: Guys, I'm a doctor. I hate to say it, but Harry is right.

Jeanette: No one is safe. Smoke...

Her eyes close. She is dead. They move the body off of her body. It is Danny.

Carey: What the hell is going on?

Brent: Well, when I was in the cage, they told me something.

Eric: What?

Brent: There's something out there, and only some of us are vulnerable to it.

What do you guys think????

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