"Revealed" Episode 2, Season 2

Heyjude614 September 20, 2010 User blog:Heyjude614

Jessica: I think you should get rid of all the guns.

Eric: What? Why? We have to protect ourselves. We're in danger.

Jessica: How do I know you're not the fake?

Eric: Alright. Where should I put the guns?

Jessica: Brent will hide them. He's the only one we know can be trusted. He wouldn't stab himself.

Eric: Alright. Brent!

Brent: Yeah?

Eric: You doing alright? We need you to do something.

Brent: What?

Eric: Take these guns [he gives him the guns], and go hide them somewhere no one else will find them.

Brent: I-I don't like guns...

Eric: So this is good, cause you'll be getting rid of them.

Brent: Okaay.

He runs away and hides the guns. He comes back five minutes later with a piece of paper.

Brent: Hey, I found this thing about our flight!

Jessica: What?

Brent: Yeah, it's a flight manifest. It has all our names.

Jessica: Give it! [He gives it to her]

Eric: Alright, we can use this to figure out who the fake is, and maybe the one trying to kill us.

Jessica: [Shouting] Everyone line up!

She goes through the manifest and checks everyone's name off. Then she gets to Olivia.

Olivia: [Looking at manifest] I'm Carolyn Morton.

Jessica: I sat next to Carolyn Morton. She died in the crash. Your name is Olivia.

Olivia runs away quickly.

Eric: Get her!

They all chase after her. She gets to a cliff and jumps off. When the survivors reach the cliff, they look down. She is gone.

Brent: Oh my god.

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