Jessica: Where is she??

Everyone is silent

Eric: I don't think this is a normal island.

Jessica: Oh really? [To all survivors] Listen up everyone, I have something to say. We are going to have to split up...again. Brent said that there is something out there...that can kill us. People are lying, disapearing, and being murdered by "smoke". We have no clue what is going on; but the natives do. I think that maybe...they were trying to help us. I'm going back to them, to find information, and hopefully, to contact someone, and get rescued. If you're coming with me, we're leaving now, pack your things.

Brent, Harry, Mackenzie, and 5 others follow Jessica. They pack, and are ready to leave.

Jessica: Eric? You gonna come?

Eric: I decided to stay with Carey and her children.

Jessica: They can come too.

Eric: But they don't want to, Jessica.

Jessica: Suit yourself, Eric.


Elliot: So, where are you gonna live?

Eric: Where ever the hell I want! I'm loaded!

Elliot: I'm starting to think that you poisoned her after you read that will.

Eric: [chuckles] Yeah, out of us, I'm the one that would poison my granny.

On the island

Carey: I don't need you here with me. I can protect my family, and I'm not the only one here. Go with your lady. Keep her safe. [smiles] And, do you really want a repeat of last time? None of us wanna see you sitting on the ground, pulling your hair out cause your so worried.

Eric: Ok, stay safe. I'm going.

He runs after Jessica's group

Jessica: You're coming?

Eric: Um, yeah.

Jessica: What made you decide?

Eric: I...decided that Carey didn't need me.

Jessica: Hope so.

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