Joshie walks to Eric, who is sitting down with his head down

Joshie: Hey. What's...wrong?

Eric: Uhh. I'm worried.

Joshie: Oh, I hate that. When your worried about someone, and your heart kinda hurts and you can't get that feeling out of you, and you just want to know that that person is safe.

Eric: Oh, um, yeah.

Joshie: Who is it?

Eric: Jessica. And Brent. And everyone else.

Joshie: Yeah. But there's at least 10 of them. They're armed...with knives. I think they can defend themselves.

Eric: I don't know. What's your name?

Joshie: Joshie Orson Hodge. Joshie Orson.

Eric: Oh, one of those pretentious double names. No offense.

Joshie: [Laughs] Exactly.

Eric: So why didn't you go?

Joshie: I...I don't know. I should have.

Eric: Why didn't you?

Joshie: I should have. I defend them.


Joshie is in a dark alley with a friend, Peter.

Peter: Alright, mate, I gotta go.

Joshie: Oh, yeah. Kay, see ya.

Peter: You ok? Alone at night?

Joshie: Oh, yeah, I got money for a cab. See ya.

He sits against the wall. A man in black clothes comes up to him.

Man: Money.

Joshie punches him in the face. They fight, but in the end, Joshie wins. He walks away, leaving the man on the ground, bloody, and calls a cab.

On the island

Joshie: I should have gone.

Eric: Why? Like you said, they are armed, there are many.

Joshie: When did they leave?

Eric: 45 minutes ago.

Joshie grabs a knife and runs into the jungle.


1. Who is your favorite character?

2. Who do you want to see die?

3. Who should have the next centric?

4. What is your favorite episode?

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