Jessica is at her dad's (Joe) house. She rings the doorbell. He answers.

Joe: What do you want?

Jessica: Dad, I'm sorry. You were right. I should have gone to college.

Joe: I know I was right. What do you want?

Jessica: I-I need money.

Joe: So get a job.

Jessica: There are no jobs! Not in this town!

Joe: a prostitute or something.

Jessica: Dad! You...jerk! I hate you! I need help, I have no where to live!

Joe: You said you were never coming back.

Jessica: I was wrong! I'm only 19, I'm a kid! Dad, please! I was scammed out of $25,000!

Joe: I'm disapointed. [he closes the door]

Jessica: I wish it had been you instead of mom that night!

On island

Joshie: [after catching up with them] Hey!

Jessica: Ah! [she sees him] Oh, it's you. You ran all the way here?

Joshie: No, I rented a limo.

Jessica: Ok, well help us find Gretchen, the french girl, and Danny.

Joshie: Gotcha.

Survivor: How big is this island?

Joshie: How the hell would we know?

Jessica: Alright, smart-ass.

Joshie: Shh.

Jessica: Excuse me? Why did you even come if your just gonna-

Joshie: SHH! Listen!

They hear cages close

Joshie: This way.

He leads them to The Other's camp. They see Brent, Elodie, Marie, Danny, and Gretchen in cages.

Joshie: Stay back.

Jessica: No, I'm coming. Don't tell me what to do, kid.

Joshie: Fine. [to the others] You guys stay here.

Joshie and Jessica sneak around to the back of the cages.

Brent: [wispering] Hey! Please get us out of here! They have guns!

Joshie: Shh

Hannah walks over and looks behind the cages. Jessica and Joshie Orson are hiding, she doesn't see them.

Joshie: Ok, I'm gonna try to take out that girl. She's guarding. Just open the cages real quick, kay?

Jessica: Okay.

Joshie hits Hannah from behind, and she turns around. While they fight, Jessica opens Brent's, Marie's, Elodie's, and Danny's cage. Gretchen's is stuck.

Brent: Please! Let's get out of here!

Jessica: We can't leave her. Take Marie back to the camp.

Brent: Ok. [To Marie] C'mon, let's go.

He picks her up, and they head towards the camp.

Gretchen: Get me out of here!

Joshie: Jessica help!

Hannah: Kakaw!

Joshie: Bloody hell.

All the Others run out and help Hannah

Joshie: Jessica, help!

Jessica: Sorry, Gretchen.

Jessica and Joshie run away from the others until they get to a cliff.

Joshie: Jump!

Jessica: You mean "die"??


Jessica is in a cafe.

Cafe employee: Excuse me ma'm. No loitering.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. Sorry, can I use your phone really quick. It's important.

Cafe employee: Yes. It's over there. [she points]

Jessica calls her dad. He doesn't answer. She takes a cab to his house. She knocks on the door, but he doesn't answer.

Jessica: Dad!

She gets a key out from under the mat, and enters the house.

Jessica: Dad?

She walks up to his room, where she sees him dead on the floor. She screams and calls 911. He is pronounced dead of a heart attack.

Jessica: I'm a f**king lonely homeless orphan!

Ok, who is following my story? Please tell me what you think of this episode.

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