Meg: Brent??? Is it you?

Brent: Yeah, mom! [they hug] Where's dad?

Meg: [crying of happiness] He's...back at the village, I'll get him. I just can't believe it! You're a candidate!

Brent: What?

Warlock: No. Don't tell them more.

Eric: Your name is Daniel?

Brent: Oh..yeah, I go by Brent, my middle name, cause I couldn't pronounce Daniel when I was 3.

Meg: Can they live with us? Or Brent at least?

Warlock: No. Now, tell me, Eric, have your people seen anything suspicious? I told you not to trust anyone.

Eric: There was a woman, Olivia, she said she was one of us, but she wasn't on the flight manifest. When we called her out, she ran off a cliff and disappeared.

Jessica: Don't forget that she tried to kill us!

Warlock: What? Whom did she try to kill?

Jessica: Brent and Elodie.

Warlock: How?

Eric: She stabbed Brent in the forest, and tried to cut a rope holding Elodie up over a cliff. Jessica saved her.

Warlock: How would this boy survive being stabbed?

Meg: I told you, he is a secret candidate!

Eric: What? Listen, all we want is to get off the island! We have lives outside of this creepy island! Can you please get us some sort of communication device? A radio?

Warlock: No. Listen to me, we have more important things to worry about, and we need you people to stay here.

Jessica: We came for information! Who is Olivia?

Warlock: We believe she could be a "what", not a "who".

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