Flashback (In French)

Carey: [On phone] So, can you come tonight? And the next night?

Elodie: [On phone] Yes, of course.

Carey: [On phone] Great, thank you so much.

Celine (Elodie's mom): Who was that?

Elodie: Carey Fillion. I am babysitting for her kids tonight and tomorrow.

Celine: What about your job?

Elodie: I'm going in early today. I'll leave in about 10 minutes.

Celine: Well I have to go to work now. Can you pick up some dinner on the way back? I'll be out all night.

Elodie: Course.

On island

Josh: you wanna call for help?

Elodie: The Others could hear.

Josh: Good point. But, we can either risk it, or shrivel up down here. [Shouting up] CAN YOU HERE US? IT IS JOSHIE ORSON AND ELODIE! SURVIVORS OF FLIGHT OCEANIC 614?

Elodie sighs.

Eric: [Leaning over] Josh?

Josh: Ok, sure call me that. CAN YOU HELP US?

Eric: Yeah, we got a rope.

He runs and gets a big rope, then sends it down the side of the cliff. Almost all the survivors hold on to the top. Josh and Elodie climb up it. Josh gets to the top, when suddenly the rope is cut in half and Elodie screams and begins falls to the bottom of the cliff.

Josh: Noo!

The rope gets caught a rock on the cliff, and Elodie holds on to the rope.

Josh: Get her back up!

Jessica: Got it.

Jessica grabs the other half of the rope (which the survivors then hold on to) and climbs down the cliff. Elodie grabs the rope and climbs up it, back to the top of the cliff.

Josh: Who the hell cut that rope???

He sees a knife on the ground, besides the rope.

Eric: Someone is trying to kill us!

Brent: Not all of us...

Jason: Well, now we can narrow it down. It had to be someone holding on to the rope. That means it couldn't have been Veronica, that bald dude, Olivia, or Claude.

Eric: No. It could have been anyone. When Elodie screamed, someone could have run away from the rope, leaving the knife, and no one would have noticed.

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