Carey: Emilie, shh.

Emile: [in french] But Mom! I'm scared. That boy went missing, who's next?

Carey: [in french] Don't worry, honey.

Emilie: [in French] And where are we? I want to go home to dad!

Carey: [in french] I don't know, honey.


Jean-Paul (Carey's (ex) husband): All day, I am gone working. You get to stay here and watch the television. I work to buy that television!

Carey: Ugh! You think I watch "the" television! I clean, cook dinner, and pick up the kids. I wish I had the time to watch TV!

Jean-Paul: You cook? I cook! You do not know what food is!

Carey: Oh, you gotta make it about food! All you damn French people don't care about anything but food!

Jean-Paul: I care about our family! Do you think I would be working my ass off if I only cared about food?

Carey throws something at Jean-Paul and walks out, slamming the door. She hears a baby crying in the room she left.

On the island

James comes running in.

Carey: Someone's back!

Survivor: Where's everyone else?

James: [Panting] We're-we're not safe. There are other people on this island!

Paul: [worried] Mom!

James: They shot us with something, and when we woke up, three of us were missing.

Carey: Who?

James: The redheaded girl, the french chick, and Danny. We looked for them, but they aren't anywhere. None of us our safe.

Emilie and Marie start crying.

Eric: What about the people you are with? The others?

James: They're OK I think. They sent me back to warn you guys.

Eric: Jessica.

James: What? What about her?

Eric: She must not have realized that sending you back would lead the natives to our camp.

Suddenly, James is hit with a dart and falls over. Then other survivors are hit until everyone is down, including the children. In twenty minutes, everyone wakes up. Marie is gone.

Carey: Marie? Emile? Paul?

Paul: [in french] I'm here, mom.

Emile runs to Carey.

Carey: Marie? Marie! Marie, honey???

Carey begins screaming and crying for Marie.

Eric: We'll find her. We'll find her.


Carey: All you ever want to do is fight.

Jean-Paul: You said we would split up our work, but I do everything!

Carey: If your going to pretend that's true, then be a man! Suck it up! Do your damn work and shut up!

Paul (age 4): [in french] Mom, I'm hungry

Carey: Yeah, yeah honey.

She walks out, following Paul, and glares at Jean-Paul.

On island

Carey: Where is my daughter???

Eric: Carey, we'll find her. Calm down.


Eric: [turns to Jason] Hey! You!

Jason: Yeah?

Eric: Wanna help find her daughter?

Jason: Yes, of course.

Eric: Go with...Veronica. We're going to find that girl.

Veronica: What? I'm not going into these creepy woods with mysterious kidnapping natives with darts! And who made you the leader?

Eric: I'm not the leader, I just wanna find this girl. Jason, you come with me.

Jason: Sure.

Carey: Where could she be??

Eric: Anywhere on this island. We'll split up and find her. Don't worry.

Carey: Um, I'm gonna worry!!

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