Brent: I’m hungry.

Harry: Well stop whining and get yourself some food! Where are your mommy and daddy, why were you even on that plane alone?

Brent: I was on the way back home from studying in Europe as part of a scholar program. What about you?

Harry: Vacationing in France.

Brent: Alone?

Harry: Enough questions! Go get some food!

Brent: Ok.

He walks off into the jungle alone with a knife.


Brent is hiding in the school bathroom, while his dad thinks he is at soccer practice. The soccer team comes in to change.

Rivers: You’ve been in here 30 minutes, Brent. You constipated or something? [All laugh]. We gotta change, so squeeze it out or get out.

Brent walks out, embarrassed.

Daniel: Wow…

In jungle

Brent looks for food. He sees a boar and tries to throw his knife at it, but it is too fast and runs away.

Jessica: [in distance] Help! Anyone here? I’m stuck!

Brent runs to the edge of the cliff and looks down.

Brent: Hello! Who is it?

Jessica: Jessica, I’m a survivor of flight Oceanic 614!

Brent: It’s me, Brent!

Jessica: Good! I’m in this cave, and Joshie and Elodie are trying to swim back to the camp in some crazy storm!

Brent: I can’t get down there! What do you want me to do?

Jessica: Can you send a rope down here or something?

Brent: Um, I don’t have a rope. I can get other people!

Jessica: Yeah, go back to the camp!

Brent: I’ll be back!

He starts running towards the camp, when he is suddenly hit in the head from behind with a rock. He falls on the ground, yells, and is stabbed in the stomach.

At the camp 15 minutes later

Eric: I just found him out there, bleeding, I swear!

Harry: The kid goes out alone to find food, a mysterious person stabs him, and you come back carrying him. It’s suspicious.

Eric: I didn’t stab Brent!

Olivia (a woman survivor): Is he going to be okay?

Mackenzie (Dr. Russell): I think so. Who ever hit him missed any vital organs. He’ll lose a fair amount of blood, but I think he’ll make it.

Eric: The other people on this island, they wouldn’t do it. They already had the chance, why would they attack him now? It…it had to be one of us.

Who do you think stabbed Brent?

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