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    October 14, 2010 by Heyjude614

    Ok, guys I'm very sorry that I filled up the blogs with a bunch of crap, and sorry if I offended any short people. When I first came to Lostpedia, I made a blog asking the users who their least favorite user was. Of course, this was offensive and I now regret it and what it has done to others, and to my reputation. After several more senseless posts, I was banned for a month. The attitude towards my returnal was negative. I now understand why, and I hope all of you understand that I regret these behaviors. I didn't wanna make Lostpedia a place of arguing, and I didn't mean to drive away the smart users. If anyone was hurt by anything I said, I probably didn't mean it (hormones!!), any I'm sorry. However, I know that most of you were more a…

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    October 13, 2010 by Heyjude614

    Jack will attack

    Kate is bait

    Hugo is huge

    James is blamed

    Don't mock Locke

    Sayid reads

    Jin doesn't love men

    Sun wants Jin to butter her bun

    Claire's body is shaped like a pear

    Charlie is hardly a man

    Ben is scary again

    Jules is cool

    Michael's a physcho

    Des is the best

    Man in Black will always attack

    Miles isn't wild

    It's all Walt's fault

    Shannon should be shot in a canon

    Rich has the eyes of a bitch

    Frank's mind is blank

    Boone will die soon

    Bernard isn't a retard

    Rose wears ugly clothes

    Ana is bananas

    Danny has no fanny

    Lib is a nib

    Eko is to old for a Lego

    Char is smart

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    i think

    October 13, 2010 by Heyjude614


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    Meg: Brent??? Is it you?

    Brent: Yeah, mom! [they hug] Where's dad?

    Meg: [crying of happiness] He's...back at the village, I'll get him. I just can't believe it! You're a candidate!

    Brent: What?

    Warlock: No. Don't tell them more.

    Eric: Your name is Daniel?

    Brent: Oh..yeah, I go by Brent, my middle name, cause I couldn't pronounce Daniel when I was 3.

    Meg: Can they live with us? Or Brent at least?

    Warlock: No. Now, tell me, Eric, have your people seen anything suspicious? I told you not to trust anyone.

    Eric: There was a woman, Olivia, she said she was one of us, but she wasn't on the flight manifest. When we called her out, she ran off a cliff and disappeared.

    Jessica: Don't forget that she tried to kill us!

    Warlock: What? Whom did she try to kill?


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    Jessica: We're here.

    Brent: Oh, god. I'm scared.

    Harry: Too bad. Are we just gonna walk in? What are we gonna say?

    Jessica: Follow my lead.

    Jessica walks into the camp, and the others follow.

    Lillie: There's people here! Mom! Warlock! Are these the survivors?

    Warlock: What?


    Brent: [To a kid at his school, Andrew] Can I use your phone? I left mine at home today, and my dad should have been here like an hour ago.

    Andrew: Uh, yeah, but hurry up cause my mom is almost here. [gives him the phone]

    Brent: Thanks. [Dials number. No one answers] Here, let me try my mom. [dials number. no one answers]

    Andrew: I gotta go. [Brent gives him his phone back]

    On island

    Warlock: I recognize you. Why were you running away?

    Jessica: What? When we ran away from y…

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