I missed RayShepherdsShoes' blog yesterday: A song for each character. (Great idea RSS!) I noticed it today and started thinking of Beatles songs - then I went to my collection.

[My favorites are marked with "*".]

Aaron - Hello Goodbye

Cabin dweller - Help!

Charlie - Day Tripper

Christian - Old Brown Shoe

Desmond - Eight Days a Week

Desmond - Any Time at All

Faraday - Your Mother Should Know*

Frogurt - I'm a Loser*

Hurley - Carry That Weight

Hurley - And Your Bird Can Sing

Jack - We Can Work It Out

Jack - Fixing a Hole

Jacob - Come Together

Jacob - The End

Jacob - Your Know My Name (Look Up the Number)*

Jacob - Here, There and Everywhere

Jacob - Tomorrow Never Knows

Jin - I'll Follow the Sun

Jin - Sun King

Kate - Happiness is a Warm Gun

Locke - Rain

Locke - The Inner Light

Locke - The Long and Winding Road

MIB - Do You Want to Know a Secret

MIB - Free as a Bird

MIB - When I Get Home

MIB - I'm Looking Through You*

MIB - You Won't See Me*

MIB - Nowhere Man*

Miles - You Never Give Me Your Money

Mrs. Hawking - Get Back

Nikki & Paulo - I'm Only Sleeping*

Penny - Penny Lane

Richard - Birthday (I stole this idea from someone in the original blog)

Richard - Chains

Rose & Bernard - All you Need is Love

Rose & Bernard - Let it Be

Sawyer - You're Gonna Lose That Girl

Sayid - Twist and Shout*

Shannon - Her Majesty

Sun - Here Comes the Sun

LOST in general - Magical Mystery Tour*

My apologies for Sayid's song... I couldn't resist.

No doubt most people could do this with their favorite bands - but it was fun to see what connections I could find.

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