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  • Heyjude1971

    It was mentioned briefly on the theories page of "Lighthouse" that two of the names on the lighthouse wheel are darker than the others: JARRAh and SHEPHARD. I noticed this immediately when watching, as I'm sure many of you did. ("SHEPHARD" is so bold, it almost looks as if it was gone over more than once, although I don't see any extra "stray" lines.)

    One theory was that it may have been intentional -- just so they'd stand out for us. I don't accept that idea - it was WAY too obvious. These two names in particular seem to be either written intentionally more darkly (by Jacob?), or possibly just much more recently.

    Also, KWON and FORD are in all caps -- as opposed to the majority of the other names. I think it's clear that there were no fewer…

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  • Heyjude1971

    Does anyone else suspect that Miles' statement about Jacob's last thoughts may mean the opposite of what we might think? "Right up until the second the knife went through his heart Jacob was hoping he was wrong about you."

    Maybe Jacob's fear was that Ben would be too much of a weasel to kill him, but Jacob wanted him to. I know others have suspected that Jacob planned for Ben to kill him, but this ambiguous statement makes me even more suspicious. I simply can't believe that Jacob was able to orchestrate all he did, only to fatally misjudge Ben. Jacob's business was knowing exactly who people really are. My current guess is that Jacob planned all along for Jack (or another candidate) to replace him -- maybe that is Jacob's loophole.

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  • Heyjude1971

    I missed RayShepherdsShoes' blog yesterday: A song for each character. (Great idea RSS!) I noticed it today and started thinking of Beatles songs - then I went to my collection.

    [My favorites are marked with "*".]

    Aaron - Hello Goodbye

    Cabin dweller - Help!

    Charlie - Day Tripper

    Christian - Old Brown Shoe

    Desmond - Eight Days a Week

    Desmond - Any Time at All

    Faraday - Your Mother Should Know*

    Frogurt - I'm a Loser*

    Hurley - Carry That Weight

    Hurley - And Your Bird Can Sing

    Jack - We Can Work It Out

    Jack - Fixing a Hole

    Jacob - Come Together

    Jacob - The End

    Jacob - Your Know My Name (Look Up the Number)*

    Jacob - Here, There and Everywhere

    Jacob - Tomorrow Never Knows

    Jin - I'll Follow the Sun

    Jin - Sun King

    Kate - Happiness is a Warm Gun

    Locke - Rain

    Locke - The …

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  • Heyjude1971


    March 8, 2010 by Heyjude1971

    Sean Sheep, and probably many others, have speculated that MIB and Jacob are two parts of one person. Taking off with this idea, what if something happened long ago which split the man into two halves (one good, one bad?) Jacob's goal is to bring them back together again (balance) and MIB wants to be rid of Jacob.

    This was directly symbolized by Jacob's scales (which were balanced when MIB found it). I can see this idea reflected in Christianity -- god allows evil to exist so that people have choices. If got wanted, he could eliminate evil, but he doesn't because it does have a purpose (to give us free will). Satan, on the other hand, would like to rule absolutely and would see no need for good.

    I don't know how Jacob/MIB being "whole" agai…

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  • Heyjude1971

    The Howling Man

    February 17, 2010 by Heyjude1971

    Has anyone thought of the Twilight Zone episode "The Howling Man"? I know that if you look, you can find a correlation between Lost and almost any movie, TV show, or book, but I think this one may be worth mentioning -- if only to amuse myself until the next episode.

    The Howling Man

    A man has Satan trapped in a room barred only by a staff (the "staff of truth"). Since his imprisonment, the world has been peaceful. A newcomer arrives and is tricked by Satan into letting him go (removing the staff). The man realizes his mistake and the man who had been keeping Satan tells the him that "man's inability to recognize the devil has always been Man's greatest weakness". He spends the next few decades trying to find Satan so he can lock him up again…

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