I was just thinking about some elements of Lost today, and had a bit of a revelation, if you would call it that. First of all I was thinking of the fact that all DHARMA stations seemed to be named after symbols relating to the Greek god Apollo. Then I started thinking of all the references to Egyptian mythology and culture, which made me think of Ra, which a few people have pointed out as the initials of our friend Richard Alpert. As you may know, both Apollo and Ra were considered gods of the sun, light, and enlightenment. This brings me to my next point. When Greeks began to visit/invade Egypt the main reason they didn't convert the natives to their religion was because they thought that the gods they worshiped were forms of the same gods they worshiped. Similar to DHARMAs lack of interference with the Hostiles? I see a connection between the Greeks and DHARMA and the native Egyptians and Hostiles, or whatever you want to call the Islands original inhabitants. Then think of Richard, who seems to never age. Who else never ages? Gods. Now I'm not sure if I'm trying to say that Richard is Ra/Apollo, but I think there is definitely some connection. So is it possible that DHARMA didn't interrupt the Hostiles because they similarly respected the power source that the Island has, the way the Hostiles do? I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

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