When I saw the cave with the numbers assigned to the Lostie names, 23-Shephard immediately stood out. I am not sure if anyone else has posted anything on this and I do not as yet really know if it is significant, but the 23 Psalm in the Bible is, "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want......" Maybe Jack will take over as the, "Lord" of the island? Did anyone else notice this.

This is the first paragraph from the Wikipedia entry on the 23 psalm and it seems significant to the role that Jack could take on as being the leader, guide, protector in times of trial which is going on on the island right now,

In the 23rd Psalm (Greek numbering: Psalm 22) in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, the writer (David) describes God as his Shepherd. As the Shepherd, He will protect, provide, and guide us. If we are in danger of a strong enemy, He will protect us; if we are in danger of famine, He will provide us with enough food; He leads us and guides us where we will be safe, where there is abundant life. The text, beloved by Jews and Christians alike, has often been set to music.[1]

anyway I was curious if anyone else saw this too and if so, could the other numbers and names also be linked to some type of historical text or religious text.

Update: To clarify, I was not Bible thumping here nor was I stating that this is the ultimate reveal of the end of the show, I don't even know if Jacob is looking for a replacement. This was just something that stood out to me and if you read the post, I posed the question of if anyone saw any other significance to the numbers listed with the other names. And the psalm really does define what Jack has been throughout the series I think, so maybe it is just a way to reiterate Jack's role and not forshadow, as I said I am not sure what the exact significance is. But if the theories going around that Jacob was looking for a person toreplace him, then this might forshadow that. I am not saying it does, I am saying it could be taken that way. I personally am not buying into any theories right now, because I think it is more fun to just sit back and enjoy.

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