Whispers and Ghosts

It's standard ghost theory territory now:

  • They're still here because they can't let go
  • They feel guilt over something they have done
  • They have unfinished business that they need to take care of
  • The way forward for them is blocked by some unknown power
  • They failed to drift off to the light when the opportunity was there for them
  • Or for a slightly more lost-ified view: The island isn't done with them yet.

But ...

  • the whispers were associated with the Others! If you had to spend eternity on a god forsaken rock, you'd watch the most interesting events on the island too.
  • what about Harper? it's my pet idea that there is a secret mode of transport that the Others use that stimulates whisper activity. (Hence Ben's warning to Rousseau)

JACK: Where did you come from?
RICHARD: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

I know there were no whispers associated with Richard's appearance, but then he didn't appear straight infront of them like Harper did to Juliet.

Michael not done with

  • Did Christian lie, or is Michael's own guilt what is keeping him on the island? Will he be set free if Hurley manages to pass on his message to Libby and she forgives him?


  • Ghost libby appears to Michael, but not Hurley?


  • 3 sources on Zoe's map: Orchid, Swan and New Well

And I really hope I don't see an UQ on "What happened to the Well builders?"


  • There was a lot of mention of "the island" this episode. Not "Jacob wants", not "Locke wants" but characters attributing a personality to the island as in "the island wants". Maybe the boy is a representation of the island?

FST Origin Developments

  • Chang had both arms, so Juliet detonating Jughead can't be the fracture point.

FST Desmond

  • I'm undecided if he was trying to give John a near death experience or get revenge for being dumped down a well.
  • Did his giving his son's name of Charlie to Ben mean that he remembers the OT or that he always intended to call his first born Charlie, regardless of the Not Penny's Boat sacrifice. I prefer to think the first.


  • Ilana is not a redshirt, she just died. Dead != Redshirt.

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